Original papers that have not been previously presented and that describe new technical contributions to the areas covered by the technical descriptions in the aforementioned category will be accepted for presentation.

Papers should be submitted electronically no later than June 1st (Fri.), 2018 June 15th, 2018. Authors will be requested to submit 2-page papers written in English, including text, figures, tables, and references within a frame of 17 cm x 24 cm.
The paper template can be found below:

Paper template:

MOC_A4_msword_for MOC_A4_mac_for

Copyright transfer:

MOC_A4_msword_cr MOC_A4_mac_cr



In addition to regular oral presentation sessions, poster presentation session will be planned to stimulate detailed explanation and discussion. The author(s) of papers will be informed of the size of bulletin board for displaying summary, figures, tables, etc., when selected as poster papers.



A limited number of post deadline papers will be accepted for presentation at post deadline sessions. Latest significant results obtained after the regular deadline are most welcome.



Some excellent contributed papers will be awarded at the award ceremony.



A special issue on Microoptics of the JJAP, which is an international journal published by the Japan Society of Applied Physics, is scheduled for publication in Aug. 2019. Authors of papers for MOC2018 are encouraged to submit original papers to the special issue.

The paper will be reviewed basically under the same policy as regular JJAP papers. Please cite your MOC2018 paper in the manuscript and include a brief description in the main text about what have been included as new materials in the present manuscript. For example,
• New data that have not been presented in published article
• More comprehensive explanation of the basic theory and/or detailed deviation of formulas and equations
• More comprehensive analysis of the data and/or in-depth considerations or new interpretations of the results

For more details, please check the submission guidelines at the following web site.

You can start the on-line submission process through the following web site. Please select "Regular paper" in paper category if you are a regular paper author or "Review paper" for invited paper author. The deadline of the submission is Jan. 15, 2019. in English in Japanese

If you are an invited speaker, your paper will be published as a Progress Review Paper in the special issue. Please contact an editor of MOC2018 special issue of the JJAP ( for getting special support.



The official language of MOC 2018 is English.